Friday, 19 April 2013

This was adapted from Robert E.Howard poem based on boxing. Howard loved boxing and found pleasure in writing about the pugilist sport and doing great boxing yarns. One of his characters was called Steve Costigan, a bare knuckle boxing fighter.   Appeared in TGR #16 the last of the series.

A soon to be released book of his boxing yarns can be found here on this site below:

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

This is Fantasy Unlimited Fanzine created by three Belfast boys growing up in the troubles of bombs and bullets.  We decided to get together to put our creative minds into producing something for the general fantasy fan out there as we had no vehicle at the time to submit our art and stories.  Three different young lads in our teens with no outlet so we decided to fund our own fanzine with our own money and used a friends mum to help us type and print the fanzine.  Thank you Jim's mum (I think it was Hazel, canny remember now) for taking the time to help us out and letting us use the sitting room for many cups of tea and cookies.  We asked the local shops if we could sell it from their counter for an advert of the fantasy and book shops, they kindly agreed.

This is the culmination of fantasy/sci fi fans that wanted to get a piece of the action in Belfast when the fantasy scene was just taking off.  Hopefully in away, I hope now and we hoped then that we would get more people into fantasy / scifi and hopefully get more involved.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Created by Stephan Alsop, a character that seems to be a parody of Arnold's Conan but not as stupid and as weak.  Penciled then inked and with Parker inks and digitally coloured using Trust Tablet and Gimp 2. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Solomon Kane

Took a few days to paint this one of Solomon Kane.  I checked out some old 17th Century clothing and tried to make Solomon more styled on the puritan clothing of priests and holy men etc.  The small beards seem to be the style of the period even for the English aristocracy. 

The Solomon Kane below this was a quick sketch done with a Biro writing pen for the outlines and shadows and filled in with Parker inks.  The cross idea of the layout was a last minute idea as I thought it suited Solomon's soul.  He looks up to the sky and vows revenge for this heinous crime of mother and  daughter hanged.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Cromsblood coloured my Solomon Kane recently and did a superb job on it, that I wanted to show it too others and let them see how it was brought to life.  Colouring is not an easy task at all, with adding layers working out lines of art, it is almost like programming where you have to decypher what is on the page and needs to be broken down into its parts to create a finished piece.  He did a fine job with this indeed :).

Cromsblood website can be found here: 

Please visit and check out all things interesting and Conan. :)